Duterte seeks PH-China health cooperation

 By Elyjah Rosales

PHOTO: Presidential Communications

President Rodrigo Duterte remained firm with the country’s tie-up for China as he considered the strengthening of their public health cooperation in their COVID-19 pandemic combat.

During Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s country call, Duterte explained that this would be of great help in speeding up the “economic recovery of both countries and the larger region,” apart from safety.

“The recovery of nations… sits on the back of stronger economies. China plays a very key role in reviving our region’s economy. Let us do all we can to revive economic activities between the Philippines and China,” the president told.

Duterte, accordingly, thanked China for supporting the country’s pandemic response especially after Wang announced their plan of donating 500,000 doses of vaccines.

As per the minister, it is “in keeping with [President Xi Jinping's] commitment to President Duterte,” as they would continue with their economic enhancement support.

To date, the Palace has not yet released any information regarding the brand nor the schedule of the donated vaccine’s arrival.


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