Fans curse Cayetano of using BTS in politics

 By Deighton Acuin

PHOTO: Manila Bulletin

Taguig-Pateros Representative Alan Peter Cayetano received backlash from angry fans after using Korean Pop group BTS for political stunts.

Cayetano on Tuesday reportedly launching an “independent bloc” at the House of Representatives composing himself and six loyal lawmakers.

On the next day, fans surfaced on Twitter with a hashtag “#CayetanoStopUsingBTS” to amplify their voices and to criticize him for using the group’s name. The hashtag became the number one topic in the country.

Here are the reactions and tweets from the netizens:

“You’re definitely messing up with the wrong Artist, Company and Fandom. Nakakahiya to,” one fan wrote 

“This is so sick! leave the boys alone!”

“This is so embarrassing pls wait until bighit finds out about this”

“They should know at least the word RESPECT, the audacity tsk”

“Sir this is not funny, this statement won’t make you stronger. Try using your power in better ways on how to help every Filipinos in need and not for your own benefit”

“Allan you ain’t cool” 

“No one wants to pull your photocard”

“As a Filipino, I’m so mad, why are these politicians using BTS to gain popularity???” 

“WHAT A SHAME! As a Filipino, I’m disappointed. Why don’t you focus on the country’s real problems instead? Stop using BTS’s name for clout. I’ll not be surprised if the boys will not have their tour in PH”

“Ganyaan sila.. imbes magcreate ng bago or sariling pangalan ggamit or didikit pa sa iba.. Haayy”

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