Good luck or bad luck? Feng Shui expert shares some advise, what to expect in 2021

 By Sydney Antoinette Alipao


Every year-end is a query to what the succeeding year will offer—good luck or bad luck, especially today as 2020 happened to be a nightmare that the world has slept.

In an interview in Magandang Buhay, Master Hanz Cua shared on Monday some guides on what to expect and what to do for the Year of the Metal Ox.

Wear red clothes or clothings with fire element on January 1 to 15, Cua advised.

On the other side, he suggested aspiring entrepreneurs to engage with businesses connected to technology such as computer, internet, and cellphones.

"Sa negosyo natin kailangan gamitin ang social media online business, mga kinalaman sa visuals yan ang patok sa 2021," Cua added.

However, as the Ox is an "earth" animal, the Feng Shui expert admonished that earth-related calamities are to be expected in 2021 such as earthquakes.

"Ang year of the ox ay earth element. So we will expect also. May malalakas na earthquake lindol bagyo at baha. Hindi po ito panakot. Paggabay ito, paghahanda sino makakaalam kung kailan darating. Kung tayo ay handa mas maaari nating maiwasan," said Cua.

Moreover, "water" is the element of 2021,according to Cua,  which he said can also be linked to water-related calamities.

"Ang element ng 2021 is water we expect a lot of calamities related sa baha, ulan, at typhoon," Cua exclaimed.



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