Inday Sara topped presidential preference survey because she's a Duterte — polls chief

 By Deighton Acuin


A private poll chief revealed on Monday that Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio's name and her association with President Rodrigo Duterte are the top reasons of being the most preferred official to win the 2022 presidency.

"I think you can say it's largely a result of association with the President, with name recall, with popularity, with the national prominence of Duterte name," Pulse Asia president Ronald Holmes said in an interview over ANC.

A pre-election survey conducted by Pulse Asia showed that Duterte-Carpio topped the supporters' ranking with a rating of 26 percent. However, Holmes said that such figures were "not that high."

"It's basically not exactly a high electoral support for the President's daughter," he said, adding that a large chunk of support comes from Mindanao.

"So, if you have majority support coming from Mindanao and eventually netting 1 out of 4 support on the national level, it means we can expect [that] the forthcoming election will still be largely dependent on spatial or geographical voting," Holmes added.

The pollster stood firm by its integrity, noted they have used the same methodology such as multistage probability sampling.

The pollster chief added the names for the research were chose by the team in terms of academics and not by means of any subscription.

"So, the reliability of the survey is at the same level as what we've done over the past more than 20 years," Holmes said.

"The names there are essentially names that have been introduced by members of the research team. They may not necessarily run as candidates but we've heard from certain reports that these are potential candidates," he added.



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