'Medyo mababaw': Mayors tell public to 'move on' from Duterte's security vaccination

 By Elyjah Rosales

PHOTO: Politiko PH/Rex Gatchalian

City mayors Rex Gatchalian and Abigail Binay shared the same insights regarding the unauthorized Presidential Security Group (PSG) immunization: to “move on” for it is “medyo mababaw.”

In an interview with ANC, Valenzuela’s Gatchalian aired that Filipinos have had enough of this Sinopharm discourse for “quite sometime,” rather than focus on several “pressing matters,” such as approving and rolling out.

"I do understand the rationale of making sure the President is protected from physical or medical harm. There are certain risks, calculated risk or managed risk, in order to protect the most important individual in the country,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Binay of Makati addressed this “blown out of proportion,” issue by explaining how the attention has “sidetracked” the program’s “purpose.”

“We should talk about how effective is Sinopharm. Kasi ako I’m interested on the effect,” she told in another interview.

The former vice president Jejomar Binay’s daughter also urged everyone to just “put it to good use,” instead of “using it as a political issue.”

"How did the body react to the virus? Might as well use that data because that is an available data,” added Binay.

PSG’s inoculation drawn scrutiny right after it was proven “illegal” especially without the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

To date, either PSG chief or any responsible has yet revealed as to where it came from other than saying that it was “donated.”

Vice President Leni Robredo, accordingly, already called onto its probing.



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