Pinky Webb flips hair as Harry Roque erupts during live interview

 By Mark Angelo Mañez

Screenshot from CNN Philippines

CNN Philippines host Pinky Webb got a thumbs up from Twitter fans when she handled the tantrum of Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque Jr. with a hair-flip during a live interview on January 20.

Netizens lauded Webb for being calm and composed when she talked to Roque on the proposal to allow military presence in state universities like the University of the Philippines on “The Source.”

During the interview, Roque refused to react to what he described as an unfair question on honor and excellence regarding the controversial abrogation of the 1989 UP-DND Accord, which bars unauthorized entry of state forces in its campuses.

“Girls are the worst nightmare of Harry Roque. Pinky Webb when can I buy your calmness and composure? And Spox Harry you’re such a clown! Face with tears of joy,” a netizen commented. 

“Yung G na G si Harry Roque tapos flip lang ng flip ng hair si Pinky Webb. Love it! Hahaha!” another tweeted.

A netizen also commended the professionalism and patience of Webb during the live interview.

“Sana mabigyan ako ng composure tulad ng kay Ms. Pinky Webb. Her professionalism is superb, she never interrupted him even he keeps on interrupting her.  Also, she keeps on driving back to the topic while yung isa personal na atake na lang ang ginawa. Love the hair flip ma’am!”

Netizens tagged video clips of the CNN Philippines interview and throwback photos and other video of the popular female broadcaster.

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