Shaffy Tulfo In Action? Idol Raffy to compete vs. Shopee, Lazada with own e-commerce platform

 By Deighton Acuin


For so many years, broadcaster Raffy Tulfo is known for a wide range of personal to professional grievances.

With an earlier launch of Idol Shopping Network (ISN), the local version of online selling applications Shopee and Lazada, Tulfo said he is welcome for complaints with its products as soon as the network to open formally this month.

Tulfo explained that this way will ensure the quality delivery of goods and his network's reputation cut above the rest.

“Our merchants and resellers are well-screened,” Tulfo said in an interview over Philippine Star.

To ensure that clients are totally satisfied, the customers must be documented and to sign a contract while opening a delivery package. They will also sign a document to know if it is the right one and if the package is in good condition. If not, client need not to pay for the order.

Tulfo said that such documents will go automatically to a system.

His experience involving the masses who run to him to seek justice they can’t get in court inspired Tulfo to put up ISN. Because they saw how people without any means suffered, Tulfo thought of opening a virtual market for small entrepreneurs like vegetable farmers and fruit vendors. This way, they can be self-reliant and help the economy as well.

The broadcast journalist emphasized that the platform provides opportunities for the public. All sellers need to put their goods out there. If it passes quality standards, ISN will include the products in the platform and to deliver goods to its clients.

Tulfo’s long-term plan is to subsidize a school out of ISN’s profits. The earnings will go to such basic expenses as employee pay,  maintenance and others.

Tulfo’s children will take the front row in running ISN, while he and his wife will stay in the background to guide and support them.

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