Wanna play? Man dressed as 'Chucky' scares maskless passenger on New York Subway

 By Rjay Zuriaga Castor

PHOTO: IHorror

Okay, lady, you know what? You're next. 

A video went viral online shows a person dressed as Chucky, the Child’s Play horror villain, hassling a non-mask-wearing woman on a New York subway train.

The clip shared on Reddit captioned ‘Chucky in charge of attacking non maskers’, the man can be seen boasting a bright orange wig and wearing a brightly-coloured stripey top underneath dungarees – undeniably wanting to appear like the well-known ’80s horror movie character, Chucky.

The guy in question grabs on to a woman’s leg while she squeals, presumably because – unlike everyone else on the subway – she isn’t wearing a mask.

As the woman tries to shake Chucky off her leg, another passenger grabs him by the ankles in a bid to get him off her. Eventually, the man lets go of her legs and runs off into the next carriage.

“Get off of me, what the fuck are you?” she says as another person grabs the “Chucky” and tries to drag them away. 

“Somebody help her, somebody help her,” one person says.

Chucky finally lets go, stands up, and runs past the woman. As she turns and walks in the direction of the camera, it’s obvious that she’s not wearing a mask.

“Yo, she got scared, fucking [inaudble],” someone says while laughing, and others laugh along.

It turns out, however, that the incident was an elaborate prank.

Miguel, a self-described actor, comedian, and influencer who played the part of Chucky for the prank, told the Daily Dot that the person assisting the woman was part of the team. The woman who appears to be attacked in the video, Sara, was also in on it.

Sara, whose Instagram profile describes her as an actress and comedian, shared a video with a different perspective of the faked attack.

Miguel told the Daily Dot that the prank was a “social experiment” and that the point was to see how people would react to a woman being attacked by “Chucky” on the subway.

“As expected, no one helped. Instead, they decided to record,” Miguel said.

“We chose for Sara not to wear a mask to see if that would affect people helping her out in this situation,” he added.

He further said that the team filmed another video with the same prank on a different subway train, but “it was pretty much the same reaction.”