West Virginia GOP lawmaker participated in US Capitol chaos

 By Deighton Acuin

PHOTO: Ars Technica

A West Virginia representative and a known supporter of Outgoing President Donald Trump was among the rioters who participated in the insurrection happened at the United States Capitol.

Republican Del. Derrick Evans, a supporter of President Donald Trump, recorded a Facebook Live video in which he can be heard shouting "We're in! We're in baby!" while moving among a crowd of rioters as he walked through a doorway of the Capitol.

The lawmaker then denied taking part of such violence.

"They're making an announcement right now saying if (Vice President Mike) Pence betrays us you better get your minds right because we're storming that building," Evans said

"I'm just the messenger. Don't be hating on me. I'm just telling you what I'm hearing right now on the grounds."

Evans later said he was only filming the situation "as a member of media to film history," even it does not appear he has such experience.

Video of his participation received resignation calls and criticisms from his fellow Republican officials, including Governor Jim Justice.

"I don't know this gentleman at all, but I think that's absolutely a shame," Justice told WCHS on Wednesday. "From the standpoint of a delegate-to-be storming the capital of the United States of America, how could you possibly condone that?"

West Virginia Speaker Roger Harshaw said he condemned the violence.

"I don't know the specifics of his involvement, I have only seen what has been posted on social media so far, and I'm sure more details may come out soon," he said. "He will need to answer to his constituents and colleagues regarding his involvement in what has occurred today."

West Virginia US Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat, told the station that the state House should "sanction" Evans for his actions which in Manchin's view "shouldn't be acceptable at any time in government."

Authorities said dozens of lawsuits are expected in DC's courts, including 15 cases against individuals believed to be part of alleged heinous crimes.



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