Community-Oriented Journalism

Explained PH Organization Inc. fosters intelligent discussions inside communities with factual, transparent, and unbiased journalism. In the present age of social media disinformation that continues to mold public opinion towards controversial social issues, the fight against the fake news machinery is a collaborative work between student journalists and ordinary citizens.

The community-driven organization strives to digitally publish relevant news and information and amplify pleas from different sections of society. "Explained By The People," an initiative by Explained PH, aims to give a platform for campus journalists, youth leaders, and other advocates to voice their opinions on current issues faced by the country.

Explainers and fact-checking efforts by Explained PH also aims to diminish the spread of disinformation online. It lets readers have access to the news’ surrounding stories by simplifying the complexity of affairs. Such media content online guides the community in distinguishing a fact from a fake, and helps them brainstorm and construct possible solutions for the world’s problems.

Aklanon voters listen to the accomplishments, plans, platforms, and principles of their gubernatorial candidates through Explained PH-Aklan’s Gubernatorial Interviews before casting their votes during the 2022 elections. This was done to help locals choose the most qualified, progressive, and action-driven local chief executives.

To serve the community with information; to report state oppression and corruption. Members of the organization have been doing community journalism voluntarily, despite the harassment they are facing for reporting on controversial topics online. Explained PH firmly believes that to attain social change, someone needs to take ideas into action.