With recent years bringing numerous highs and lows to the country, it is without a doubt that the Filipino people have triumphed through various challenges brought to us first, by the persisting COVID-19 pandemic, and second, the recent Super Typhoon Odette which struck the majority of Visayas.

One of those areas whom Super Typhoon Odette hit was Bohol, where 111 deaths and 2,040 injuries have been recorded. More than 25,000 families was left devastated and damaged by the occurrence of the typhoon, a majority of them who are still struggling to cope with the grappling effects of the pandemic.

But a ray of light have shone upon Bohol as Help Little Tarsi project makes its fundraising comeback which aims to raise P1 million for the relief and recovery efforts led by One Bohol Relief Drive (OBRD).

Help Little Tarsi project was founded eight years ago, when Bohol was shaken by the magnitude 7.2 earthquake in 2013. The pioneers of the project were eight student leaders from Holy Name University, together with Youthlead Philippines Inc. through the initiative Bangon Bohol Relief Drive (BBRD).

BBRD launched “Help Little Tarsi: Shirts for Cause” which gathered proceeds amounting to P100,000. The proceeds went to the community relief missions (CRMs) by the aforementioned initiative.

With a goal to sell 10,000 shirts, also called as the 10K Challenge before the National Endangered Species Day on May 20, the Help Little Tarsi 2.0, also known as HLT2 Project, was launched on February 26, 2022, with various institutions and organizations working together to accomplish the goal.

The project launch was attended by various officials from partner institutions and organizations, as well as several government officials who are showing their full support for the cause. 

To formally kickstart the HLT2P, partner institutions and organizations, stakeholders, and non-partners signed the 10K Challenge marker to signify the collaboration and determination to finish the goal for the betterment of the Province of Bohol.