ExplainED is an online news network started initially as a community of Campus Journalists on April 27, 2020. It focuses on objective reportage, and campus investigative and research journalism that is comprehensive and publicly well-comprehended.  It's principles and decisiveness continues to exercise its will engulfed in the following:  

1. EMPOWER  - Explained is an online journalism community, and its members live with collaboration, exchange learnings and expand their capabilities of standing with fellows towards truth and campus journalism empowerment. 

2. EXPLAIN  - Gone should be the days were fake news exist as ExplainED holds firm to its dedication of battling against misinformation through easy but assured ways of verifying data spread online.  Explained incorporates investigative journalism and campus journalism which seeks to provide its readers the  further extent of understanding information. 

3. EDUCATE -  ExplainED is also committed on providing assistance into topics the public lack knowledge about and ensure that every single detail of information reached through our productive fingertips are well interpreted in a manner that the reading public can live with it daily.   And that is what we are, well #ExplainED.


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