Explained PH Organization Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit, youth-serving organization duly recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It aims to promote and empower youth and community-driven journalism by serving as a platform for journalistic training, educational programs, and digital publishing of news and information nationwide.

As a youth-serving organization, it aims to hone the skills, talent, and passion of aspiring young journalists to serve the public with their journalistic repertoire by providing relevant projects. Anchoring its service to the community, it aims to echo people's voices in its reportage through accurate and transparent community journalism.

Youth and Community Empowerment

The idea of building a small network powered by student journalists nationwide was originally thought of during the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) 2020. Weeks after, on April 27, 2020, the organization was created at the height of Enhanced Community Quarantine brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. With help from experienced college and high school campus journalists, Explained PH was able to establish its presence on different social media platforms together with its website.

Since then, despite blatant attacks on Press Freedom, Explained PH has been persistent in covering and reporting local, regional, and national issues in the archipelago by basing reports from different primary and secondary sources. We produce a wide array of digital contents from news, lifestyles, opinions, sports, science and technology, to podcasts, cartoons, explainers, and video plugs.

Moreover, Explained PH does not only focus on youth-driven journalism but it also puts premium on youth and community empowerment with its flagship programs like journalism camps and trainings, webinars, and online journalism competitions that enhance the skills of campus journalists all around the Philippines. Our community division reflects our unwavering commitment to provide an avenue for citizen journalism echoes advocacy for press freedom.

Believing in the freedom of the press, the organization’s regional outlet, Explained PH - Aklan, has started an initiative not just to deliver news, but also to showcase the culture and history of the province’s world-class tourist spots and destinations. By doing so, the regional arm extends the flexibility of press power from public awareness to uplifting cultural manifestations.

Youth-Driven Journalism

As a youth-led organization with more than 300 members and volunteers nationwide, Explained PH has created a movement of young journalists who are willing to partake in creating societal change through journalism. Despite the crumble roads of media in the present, Explained PH is committed to work in giving a space for young journalists to improve their craft, and participate in debunking lies, informing the public the news information that they need, and upholding democratic freedom. Skill enhancement and field development programs are also present through immersive journalistic training sessions.

Through crafting community engagement programs, the organization extends the reach of its reportage making the voice of small communities not just heard but amplified.

Despite having a young roster of editors and staffers, Explained PH has always been steadfast in advocating for press freedom, journalism empowerment, and community participation. In the midst of constant attacks and downplay, we believe that it is never a reason for the organization to ignore the pressing and blatant attacks on democracy and the integrity of the free press.

Our Commitment to Facts

Standing true to our advocacies, Explained PH is a member of #FactsFirstPH. Together with different groups, we stand by the guiding principles to debunk lies, amplify facts, protect truth-tellers, increase awareness, and protect democratic institutions by fighting disinformation.