By Marjoe Toquillo

PHOTO: Inquirer

Holy Angel University’s Valiant Esports left a marvelous impression after trouncing Far Eastern University- Manila’s Tams FX with a 2-0 drubbing at the play-ins first week of Alliance Games 2022 on the MLBB Category, Sunday.

Stepbro peaked with his stellar performance at the two games of the event with “Wanwan” on the first and “Beatrix” on the second. The Valiant MVP ended both games with an overall KDA score of 20/1/8, Hero Damage of 119552, and teamfight participation of 63%.

Valiant started the match by sustaining a 7-nil killscore for 6 minutes. The spree only ended when Tams FX’s MADBOY with his “Karrie'' slayed Waterpauls’ “Baxia” at the 6:16 mark.

Eros with his “Selena” also played a vital role in keeping the lead of Valiant with his efficient map rotation and superb “Abyssal Arrow” precision.

After claiming the Lord at the 9:20 mark, Valiant pressured mid-lane while the Lord was on the bottom lane. Valiant ensured that no time would be wasted by ending game 1 at 11:08 with 23-3.

In the second game, Stepbro drenched himself with the first blood at the 2:17 mark by taking Giantias’ “Clint” down. Stepbro with his “Beatrix” then displayed a valuable effort in pressuring the gold lane that led to his astounding lead.

Despite the big economic deficits, MADBOY preserved the fight of Tams FX by claiming the two kills of the team throughout the match, yet his mighty efforts were just not enough to clinch a win.

Valiant ended the second match at the 11:04 mark with a score of 16-2.

On the same day, Our Lady of Fatima University Esports also mauled De La Salle College of St. Benilde’s Romançon Gaming Astra with a 2-0 sweep.

University of the East - Manila’s UE Zenith Esports as well nipped tough customers FAITH Colleges Bravehearts in a whitewash of 2-nil.

Fifty-seven schools in total are competing at the Alliance Games 2022 as they vie for five different titles. The event started on April 23 and is expected to continue until July.