By Rjay Zuriaga Castor

Donnalyn Bartolome’s baby girl photoshoot for her 28th birthday doesn’t sit right with the netizens.

The singer-vlogger is now in hot water after several social media users have called out the theme of her shoot as predatory, which feeds sexual fantasies. 

While netizens maintained that there is nothing wrong with what she is wearing, they, however, pointed out that the theme is “disturbing.”

“[As] public figure with high algorithmic engagements, you should have been more aware of all your actions. In a broader sense, this is something off and disturbing,” said Mikee Brosas in a Facebook post. His post has garnered around 50K likes and 28K shares as of writing. 

“[Portraying] babies as hot and mature seems inappropriate…. would actually feed perpetrators' ego and sexual fantasies, where pedophilic culture arises because it would only create notion that this is something ‘acceptable’, Brosas added. 

On the same note, Coline Felipe also slammed the social media personality, saying “She could have chosen another theme for her sexy photoshoot that matches with her age. She’s a full grown ADULT. NOT A CHILD. It was never about her exposing skin.”

Felipe, whose post amassed around 22K shares, also stressed that it could feed the predator’s fantasies, especially a pedophile or a child predator. 

According to Psychology Today, pedophilia is a psychosexual disorder characterized by sexual urges, interests, or behaviors toward an individual of age 13 or younger.

Amidst the backlash she is receiving, Donnalyn deleted her post and sought public apology, saying “it was an honest mistake”. 

“I feel terrible, sick to my stomach and had disturbing flashbacks I’d rather not say,” she added. 

She further noted that she is already taking appropriate measures by having a copyright of her images.