By Rjay Zuriaga Castor

The Alter BL Series (PHOTO: Star Image Digital Network)

Star Image Digital Network has justified the upcoming Boys Love (BL) series, Alter, after receiving flak on the inappropriate scenes in the trailer released Friday, December 25.

"Before judging this series, what about the film "Batang Poz" with Awra Briguela? He's just 16 also and he did a very daring sex scene. Same as with this series. It is an art and craft to convey message of inspiration– hope, love and respect," said the management in a now edited comment.

"Before you bash, please give chance to the story. We promise that this series will give a lot of lessons in life, especially about family. About the age of Buknoy, yes he is 16, (but) we seek consent from his parents and we have signed (an) agreement for all engagements with Buknoy," it added.

Netizens can't help but feel "alarmed and disgusted," calling out the management's attention as to why Buknoy Glamurrr, a minor, is doing erotic scenes.

"Buknoy is still a minor yet he is doing this kind of inappropriate sex scenes, like this is not a good influence especially to the youth," a Twitter user wrote.

Meanwhile, Jodi Garcia, director of the series, in a 17-minute long special message uploaded in YouTube answers questions of the public.

"The story 'Alter' requires a young character. That's why if you're asking bakit si Buknoy, kung pwede namang iba. So, paano namin mamemeet ang requirements na young character kung kukuha kami ng matanda?" he said.

"If gawang school project po 'yun, siguro kami ang pinakadabest na mga estudyante," he said in response to the comments that the series storyline and cinematography is "mediocre, trash and seemingly just like a school project."

Garcia also defended Buknoy after comments that his portrayal of the character is cringeworthy. He emphasized that Buknoy is a newbie in acting, yet he commended his performance as exemplary.

"Bakit sobrang concern niyo naman yata kay Buknoy, samantalang noong binabash niyo siya inisip niyo ba kung ilang taon siya? Inisip niyo ba kung ano ang trauma at kung  ano ang epekto psychologically sa bata na sinasabi ninyo?" he said.

"Masyado kayong nagreact ng negative. Mga masyado tayong pavirgin. Hindi na uso yan. Hindi na uso yang pavirgin effect natin... Kung hindi ba si Buknoy ang character dun magagalit kayo at magrereact kayo ng ganyan? 'Wag tayong b*b*... Nung si Buknoy madami kayong kuda. 'Wag tayong p*kp*k. Masyado kayong boring. Ang OA niyo," Garcia concluded.

Alter is an original written story starring Andrew Luis Lapid professionally known as Buknoy Glamurrr, Duke Kraizen Cruz, and Feng Dela Cruz.

In a span of three hours, the trailer reached 500K views on YouTube.