By Gwyneth Morales and Archie Villafllores

It's finally the end of the year — the most-awaited day of everyone as we hope that it will also mark the finish line of this whole roller coaster ride. Here's a recap of 20 news stories that either made us laugh, cry or enraged in 2020. 

1. Taal Volcano eruption

2. Kobe Bryant's death

3. Philippines' first COVID-19 case

4. ABS-CBN shutdown

5. Debold Sinas' mañanita

6. Debold Sinas' promotion

7.  Villar's remark on frontliners 

8. Villar's remark on farmers

9. Anti-Terrorism Act's railroading

10. Real-life Jumanji

11. Kid's multiple food delivery orders

12. PhilHealth alleged corruption

13. Duterte's pardon to Pemberton

14. Manila Bay's white dolomite sand

15. Briones' victory vs. COVID-19 remark

16. Baby River's death

17. Typhoon Ulysses' onslaught

18. Softdrink brand's weird ad

19. Pfizer vaccine procurement mess  

20. Vaccination of Duterte's security, military

The year 2020 will surely be written in history books for being extraordinary and extremely hated by many. What news stories will make it to the headlines this new year and new decade? Well, we all hope a little of bad news and more of the good ones.