By Elyjah Rosales

President Rodrigo Duterte (PHOTO: Manila Bulletin/PCOO)

Even upon ending 2020 with COVID-19 vaccine controversies, President Rodrigo Duterte still believed that “brighter days” would come this year because of the Filipinos’ “distinct resilience.”

In his New Year’s Day message, Duterte reminded everyone that 2021 is the “time for new beginnings,” and “to be hopeful,” amid “so much difficulties and trials.”

“Now, we march on to a new year wiser, stronger, and more prepared for the challenges ahead,” added the president.

Duterte, who was called out for being “incompetent,” the whole 2020, also seen this as “another chance to serve our people” with “genuine compassion and malasakit (concern).”

To date, the country remained in contact with potential vaccine sources all over the world following the “dropped the ball” Pfizer and “smuggled” Sinopharm as the expected “first quarter of 2021” roll out continued to be elusive.