By Elyjah Rosales

PHOTO: Philippine Daily Inquirer

President Rodrigo Duterte’s statements against women’s capability to lead tarnish Filipinos’ fight for women empowerment and gender equality, Vice President Leni Robredo hit back.

In her Sunday radio show, Robredo slammed Duterte anew for “deflating” these campaigns with his machinist words. 

“We are fighting a lot for women empowerment and gender equality. But if the president says something like this, it is not helping us in our fight. It deflates the campaign,” she argued in Filipino.

The vice president also emphasized its effect on the Filipinas themselves considering how Duterte is a “president” and “not an ordinary person whose statements will only be heard by those around him.”

“When the president says such remarks, it affects everyone. This is not just about me or Mayor Sara or other women leaders. These are not the values that we believe in. What we believe in is respect for women and the importance of women’s participation in governance,” Robredo added.

This has happened after Duterte aired his sentiments about a survey saying that her daughter, Sara Duterte, topped the presidential poll.

He then advised Sara that the presidency “is not for a woman,” given that “the emotional setup of a woman and a man is totally different.”

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