By Mark Angelo Mañez

Like any Olympic-bound athlete, Filipino boxer Eumir Marcial is determined to win a gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics in July.

PHOTO: Daily Guardian

The sadness of missing his family back home in Zamboanga City, and the grief of losing his brother Eliver, 39, to death further fuels Marcial’s drive to win the gold.

Marcial has been training for his Olympic stint in the United States since October last year. His brother died just days after he set foot in Los Angeles to train in the Wildcard Gym under the great Freddie Roach.

The 25-year-old Marcial went on to win his first professional fight in December last year, earning a unanimous decision win over American Andrew Whitfield.

He has yet to return to the Philippines.

“I missed the birthday of my fiancée, of my parents and [of] my siblings. I missed the important occasions in the lives of people who are very important to me. Above all, I missed the last opportunity to be able to spend the last moments of my brother’s life in this world,” wrote Marcial in a Facebook post Sunday.

“You may ask me, why? Simply, because I am doing this for my family most especially for my dearest country, the Philippines. As a Filipino athlete I will serve and will give honor to my beloved country.

“Ituloy niyo ang Olympics dahil kukunin ko ang gold (Let the Olympics push through because I will get the gold),” he continued.