By Deighton Acuin and Archie Villaflores

PHOTO: Filipino Times

The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Wednesday discouraging people from "physical, social and romantic relationships" display in public places, citing the COVID-19 minimum health protocols.

As the country faces a surge of COVID-19 infections, PNP Spokesperson Brigadier General Ildebrandi Usana said the public "should maintain being cautious from the spread of the virus."

"The virus may be right before them. Infection happens to families, it can happen to anyone, anywhere," Usana said.

"And if you love your spouse, your children, you have to be conscious of the minimum health and safety protocols," Usana added.

A Dobol B Sa TV report by Mark Makalalad quoted Usana as saying that policemen are instructed to call the attention of people who are kissing, holding hands, or hugging in public.

This, will cover "couples, close friends [who are] very dear to each other, family clans and group of people."

The police official said he is hoping the public would observe the measure even without police intervention, particularly in recreational and commercial establishments.