By Jennylou Canon

PHOTO: Philippine Star

"Hindi puwede ang palakasan dito."

This was Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque's statement on him getting special treatment when he was admitted to Philippine General Hospital (PGH) due to COVID-19.

Roque said that he was admitted as "he was in bad shape" and that his condition merited the admission.

“Hindi pwede ang palakasan dito. Noong ako ay pinapasok ng aking mga doctor, it was because the condition merited the admission,” Roque said.

“I can assure you na gaya ng lahat ng hospital, ang basis for admission kailangan moderate at severe cases. Sa aking kaso, I was in bad shape when I was admitted,” he added.

Roque then assured the public that he did not use his position as the presidential spokesperson to be admitted.

He also added that his doctors from PGH are his doctors long before joining the government.

Roque recently announced on Saturday that he was admitted in PGH for COVID-19 treatment after having a severe respiratory disease.

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