By Elyjah Rosales


Ever critic-aggressive President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday might show some signs of change coming following then-Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile’s advice to just ignore the ‘irrelevant remarks on the nation’s West Philippine Sea (WPS) policies.

In a taped briefing with late Defense Secretary Enrile as his guest, Duterte aired that he would rather shrug off those who only want to “derail” him from his official duties as president of the country.

Plunder and graft-charged Enrile welcomed this by saying that it is the “best thing” to “let them be” most especially as Duterte is “not responsible to any specific person” in his foreign policy.

Additionally, he suggested Duterte continue being submissive to China through “befriending” the so-called “imperialist” without “surrendering our rights” than to “make [it] a foe or irritate.”

“We will befriend China because we are Orientals. We understand each other,” claimed Enrile despite China’s multiple dismissals of the country’s diplomatic protests.

He also reminded the president to not resort to “hard, assertive, and aggressive approach” even if it concerns the nation’s sovereignty, but focus more on “friendly” approach.

“We don’t need a hotheaded approach in this issue because that issue has a great deal to do not only with the economy of the Philippines but also the security of our country, of our countrymen,” Enrile instructed.

To date, China continues to occupy Scarborough Shoal and other islands in the contested WPS which affected the livelihood of the nearby fishermen.

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