By Deighton Acuin

PHOTO: EduSentro

The errors detected in self-learning modules that are used for modular distance learning modality have already been “resolved,” said Education Secretary Leonor Briones.

During a press conference marking the 123rd anniversary of the Department of Education (DepEd), Briones made the statement in response to Vice President Leni Robredo as she maintained that the errors are being addressed and undertaken by the agency.

“We thank Vice President Robredo for her comments but we assure her that this happened several months ago, this has been already attended, and action has already been undertaken,” Briones said.

During her Sunday radio program, Robredo called on DepEd that the errors can be avoided if there is a “proper system” in place.

Meanwhile, a committee hearing last week revealed a vulgar word detected in a learning module issued by the department. Moreover, Briones said the vulgar incident happened last February and was addressed.

“Now, in light of all the noise on an event which happened several months ago and that has already been resolved, I reopened the case again,” she said.

“I am reviewing it now just to make sure that we did the right thing and that there are, perhaps, other considerations to look at,” Briones added.

Based on the teachers responsible for the matter, Briones said that such materials were found in social media platforms.

“We are checking if these claims are credible and we’re also tracking if there is a pattern that might affect the reputation of DepEd,” she said.

The education official added that the DepEd’s “Error Watch” has been in place in order to detect and address such erroneous contents in the materials.

“As soon as we receive reports on errors in modules, we verify with the concerned regional office, we withdraw and take action but this might be a deeper issue than the usual thing, it is deeper, perhaps, that we think they are,” she added.