By Keith Brendan Zamora


 As the country grapples to protect the entire population from more transmissible variants of COVID-19, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered his government on Wednesday night to open the coronavirus vaccination campaign to anyone who wants to get vaccinated.

Only 6% of the Philippines’ population has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of Wednesday, July 28, implying that over 100 million more people are still vulnerable to infection. 

"Give the vaccines to those who want to be vaccinated," Duterte said in a late-night address, expressing concern over the new and contagious Delta variant.

Duterte also ordered village chiefs to stop people in their communities who have not been vaccinated from leaving their homes. 

"I am telling you, don't leave your homes. If you go out, I will tell the police to escort you back to your house because you are a walking spreader," Duterte warned.

He also added that it is better for people who don’t want to get vaccinated to stay in their respective homes.

Currently, the Department of Health confirmed 97 additional Delta variant cases, bringing the total number of carriers to 216.