By Bianca Victoria B. Fulgencio

PHOTO: Clark Lyden Canlas via TikTok

We live in a world where people are all trying to figure out the puzzle of life, and sometimes it can get overwhelming trying to fit all the pieces together, especially in these trying times. Luckily, we are gifted with people who can make the sun shine a little brighter on days we need it to; and to our surprise, they are actually the ones we least expect.

Clark Lyden Canlas shared in his TikTok video how he met 10-year old John Angel Morales as he was out for a bike ride in Magalang, Pampanga.

In the video, which now has over 2.7 million views, Canlas was taking a rest when Morales approached him. He assumed Morales was a mere kid trying to ask for money, but he was actually an angel in disguise. 

As Morales made conversation with the biker, he made an observation that Canlas seemed tired and in need of a drink from his ride, and offered to buy him some buko juice to quench his thirst. 

“[Naka] buko ka na? Ito.” Morales said as he showed Canlas his money, and when asked if he would pay for the drinks, Morales did not miss a beat as he answered straight away with a simple “Oo.”

Surprised yet touched by the gesture, Canlas agreed to the proposition. The pair made their way and even made plans to get milk tea the next time they met. 

Morales shared that he sometimes works at different stores by mopping floors and washing plates to make money. 

“Ako ay nagmo-mop, naghuhugas ako ng plato, kutsara, tinidor,” Morales stated as the two of them sipped on their cups of buko juice.

Despite working hard for his pay at such a young age, he did not hesitate even for a moment to use it to help someone he thought was in need. The actions he exhibited shows how great the values instilled in him are. In an uncertain time of a deadly pandemic and gruesome wars in different parts of the globe, people like Angel are living proof that humanity and compassion are not lost forever. 

Canlas offered a bit of money to Angel, but it was not the last blessing the 10-year old received because of his act of goodwill. 

Due to the popularity of Canlas’ TikTok video, many people have reached out to hand the child some monetary gifts. His story and the video were also featured on the news segment State of the Nation (GMA News), among others.

With exhibits of compassion such as Angel’s, the essence of love for humanity remains alive and is as reliable as ever. Life may be in disarray and confusion, but as long as there are people who are willing to shed a little light on us during our darkest days, the world can still become a better place.