by Amiel Roy Zaulda, Kyle Macolbacol, and Jean Francis Kershey Ong


Although the Commission on Elections has not yet disclosed the official list of candidates for the 2022 Elections, here is the unofficial roster of hopefuls, who filed their Certificate of Candidacies, vying for a seat in the mayoral and vice mayoral posts in the municipalities of Aklan’s first district.

BALETE (Mayor)

1. Lloyd “Arcloyd” Espinosa 

BALETE (Vice Mayor)

1. Ernesto R. Balida

BATAN (Mayor)

1. Mikel Ramos (running under Team Batan)

BANGA (Mayor)

1. Noel Redison (incumbent vice mayor of Banga, running under Tibyog Party)

2. Evangeline “Bambi” Palencia 

BANGA (Vice Mayor)

1. Erlinda Maming (incumbent mayor of Banga and running mate of Redison, under Tibyog Party)

2. Gemma Lloren (running mate of Palencia)

KALIBO (Mayor)

1. Emerson Lachica (incumbent mayor of Kalibo, running under KBL party)

2. Juris Bautista Sucro (currently an SP member of Aklan’s first district, running under Bagumbayan-VNP party)

KALIBO (Vice Mayor)

1. Gregorio “Greg” Malapad Jr. (running mate of Lachica, under KBL party)

2. Doc Cynthia Dela Cruz (incumbent vice mayor of Kalibo, running under PDP-LBN)

LIBACAO (Vice Mayor)

1. Aniano “Set-set” Veric Zaspa


1. Joemar “Jong” Villas Legaspi

MADALAG (Vice Mayor)

1. Al Dindo Gubatina (Team Aewag)


1. Shimonette Peralta Francisco (incumbent mayor of New Washington)

2. Jessica Regenio Panambo (running under Tibyog)


1. Kristian Venus Peralta (running mate of Francisco)

2. Jesus “Molot” Quimpo (running mate of Panambo)


The following is the unofficial list of hopefuls that will be competing for their desired positions in their respective municipalities in Aklan's second district.

BURUANGA (Vice Mayor)

1. Ariel Dela Cruz Chavez

IBAJAY (Mayor)

1. Jose Miguel Miraflores (currently an SP member for Aklan’s second district)

MALAY (Mayor)

1. Frolibar Bautista (incumbent acting mayor of Malay)

2. Marilyn Villaresis

MALAY (Vice Mayor)

1. Abraham Sualog (running mate of Marilyn Villaresis)

2. Nino Carlos Cawaling (incumbent acting vice mayor of Malay)

MAKATO (Mayor)

1. Abencio Honey Boy “HB” Torres III

NABAS (Mayor)

1. Maria Fe Laseta (currently a councilor of Nabas, running under Tibyog Party)

2. Engr. Noli Dioso Palomata


1. Jeserel “Toto” Templonuevo (incumbent mayor, running under Tibyog)

2. Engr. Elfren Lachica Francisco

NUMANCIA (Vice Mayor)

3. Jerome Timtiman Vega (running under Tibyog)


1. Gary T. Fuentes (incumbent mayor, seeking for re-election)

TANGALAN (Vice Mayor)

1. Gene T. Fuentes (incumbent vice mayor, seeking for re-election)

The list provided above is based on various electronic sources, such as COMELEC Kalibo's Facebook page, Rappler's coverage, and individual posts of the mentioned aspiring politicians.

After a thorough examination of the Certificate of Candidacies filed by the aspirants, the COMELEC is scheduled to announce in November the official roster of candidates for the 2022 elections in both local and national levels.

The campaign period of candidates vying for local seats is set on March 25, 2022 and lasts until May 7, 2022, whereas the official day of elections is on May 9, 2022.