By Anthony Pagapulaan

PHOTO: CNN Philippines

In the continuous quest to turn down presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos' candidacy, Manny Pacquiao's tandem Lito Atienza on Monday sought for the two-party system’s return in the next elections.

In a special election interview, the vice presidential aspirant and congressman said it would "restore the element of decency and integrity in running for public office."

"Kung may party system tayo, sa partido palang susuriin na 'yan, hindi lulusot 'yan. Pero ngayon kandidato na, leading candidate pa kuno," he said.

Moreover, Atienza also questioned Marcos Jr. where he got his election funds, saying he has no source of living.

"I would like to ask one candidate today, Bongbong Marcos,  ano negosyo niya? Saan siya nagtatrabaho? Ano kinikita niya? Ba't ang dami-dami niyang perang ginagastos? Walang kontrol saan nanggagaling 'yan," Atienza told journalist Malou Mangahas.

Two-party system in politics consists of literally two opposing forces that go head-to-head in elections. US' Democrats and Republicans are in such a system.

Atienza has always been a campaigner for the two-party system. In 2019, he also expressed his proposal for the system to be restored.

Report source: GMA News