By Jennylou Canon

PHOTO: Futurism

Have you ever thought of the possibility that a parallel universe version of yourself exists in this vast universe?

University of Cambridge Evolutionary Palaeobiologist Simon Conway Morris explained that a recent study confidently concluded that human-like evolutions have happened all over the universe. 

Morris was able to come up with this theory due to the theory of convergent evolution, a form of evolution that produces similar organisms regardless of the environment. Science Focus, a science-focused magazine, has demonstrated this theory with the evolution of flying animals, from pterosaurs until birds.

However, those evolutions may have occurred with aliens instead, so your parallel universe version might be an alien version of you. 

According to Cambridge Zoologist Arik Kershenbaum’s book on alien evolution, aliens may have “evolved from a pre-technological species,” and that their evolution may have been similar to how humans evolved as this development “is the explanatory mechanism for life everywhere.”

“A pre-technological alien civilization could be singing and dancing and telling stories just like pre-technological human civilization did, because it serves the same purpose,” Kershenbaum told Quanta magazine.

However, Futurism, an online publication focusing on science and technology, says that if aliens will evolve in the same way as humans did, this could mean that the two life forms will be able to communicate with each other, but will also become a bridge for a war.

But even if aliens do exist, it will take hundreds of millions of years for them to meet humans, specifically 200 million to two billion years, according to Future of Humanity Institute Associate Professor Robin Hanson.

The universe still keeps many secrets from humanity itself, and one of them might just be the existence of aliens somewhere in the universe. But one thing is certain, at least according to Morris and Kershenbaum, aliens’ existence might just evolve and communicate just like us, the humans.

Report sources: Futurism, InVerse