By Andreah Dianne Cartagena


President Rodrigo Duterte stated that he does not recognize the International Criminal Court (ICC) rules concerning its war on drugs investigation.

“I do not recognize the ICC. At saka ‘yang batas na ICC, never, never ‘yan naging batas.” Duterte stated during the recorded Talk to the People broadcast on Tuesday, January 4.

He emphasized that as a Filipino, he will only be tried by a Filipino judge and prosecution and jailed in Bilibid. 

“Kaya ako galit talaga sa droga. Iyong ICC? Well, sabihin ko sa kanila, galit talaga ako sa droga, ‘yan ang statement ko.” Duterte said.

He further reasoned that he told enforcers to fight “durugistas,” especially when armed. He said that a lot of enforcers also died while doing the operations.

“I will never, never apologize for the death of those bastards. Patayin mo ako, kulungin mo ako, I will never apologize,” the president said pertaining to drug suspects who died during the war on drugs.

The ICC approved a formal probe on the administration’s war on drugs in September, but it was suspended in November as requested by the Philippines, citing their investigations.