By Rich Harry Marbella

PHOTO: PUBG Mobile Philippines

KHI Esports gunned their way to the top after smashing 122 points in the recently concluded Day 1 of PUBG: Mobile Pro-League (PMPL) S5 Philippines Qualifiers held virtually on Saturday.

With prudent strategies and well-thought flanks, KHI Esports worked their way to the top of the leaderboards with combined placement points and player kill points.

KHI Esports triumphed two times-- in Match 1: Erangel and Match 5: Erangel-- giving them two chicken-dinners that highlighted their play against 15 other team qualifiers in the national tournament.

KHI Esports 'KHImonboy' dominated the first match with six kills, followed by his teammate 'KHIranBIG' having four kills, setting the battlefield ablaze.

Fueled by an early dominance, KHI Esports held on to their lead until the conclusion of the first day of the qualifiers.

Aside from KHI Esports, Zap Esports and Demigod Incognito also scored high on the leaderboards as they took the top 2 and top 3 spots, respectively.

Zap Esports' flashy moves and stunning plays cruised them to garner 114 points, ranking 2nd, which also made the battle intense and breathtaking.

Demigod Incognito had the upper hand thanks to their planned flanks and powerful player positioning and finished 3rd with 93 points.

Top teams will have the opportunity to be selected as the country's representatives and become a part of SIBOL, the Philippine national esports team, for the upcoming Southeast Asian Games in Vietnam.

KHI Esports, Zap Esports, Demigod Incognito, M42 Esports, HYVE INTL, MSI Lost Souls, Elevate Mikasa, Evil Squad Killer, 6ix Anira, Elevate F.N.O, Blacklist INTL, UTG INTL, Eklestos Esports, 2EZ, Reborn Daios, and Demon Gun Pro, were among the 16 teams competing in the PMPL S5 Philippines Qualifiers.