By Danielle Chua

Through the length of time, Apollo Quiboloy has been very active in religious activities and beliefs. Apparently in his birth, he claimed that he was born on a ‘prayer mountain’ in Davao City. He spent his early years serving in the Church and taking his evangelistic objectives into reality. Specifically in the United Pentecostal Church (UPC), he was a young preacher who orates faith in various parts of the Philippines. His service rooted to his significant discovery and formation of a devoted group of people. 

Quiboloy, now 71 years of age, is highly known as both the senior pastor and founder of Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name (KJC), a religious group. It eventually grew its members from 15 to millions, as of the sect’s declaration. Its primary goal is driving more people to join their organization through continuous preachings and discussions. Aside from this, one of their key beliefs is Quiboloy’s self-proclaimed statement of being the ‘Appointed Son of God’. Given that these followers view him on a high pedestal, they believe that their faith is in the right hands of KJC.

Below is the vast timeline of Quiboloy’s involvement in various disputes. 

Time reveals everything (Quiboloy’s Version) 

1985 - Initially from Davao City, Quiboloy formed KJC with a starting member count of 15. He started preaching in order to invite more people in his newly-embodied religious organization. 

2004 - After years of smooth-sailing operations in KJC, the year 2005 signified the start of its gradual stain. Residing in Baguio City, Erlinda Rillon accused them of deceiving these teenagers including her daughter named Arlene to become fully immersed with the religion itself. 

The Rillons, Arlene’s family, filed an abduction case against KJC Baguio. This was right after she did not agree to go back home. On the other hand, it was then dismissed by the Baguio Regional Court when she turned 19. 

2005 - As a detrimental fruit of what happened, KJC filed back a libel charge against the Rillons. Months later, the couple were apprehended but also freed on bail. 

2008 - Years later, the Rillons had a grasp of their daughter, Arlene. Unfortunately due to the ‘coerce back’ narrative, she filed a case against her parents and three social workers. 

In the same year, Quiboloy received murder allegations from the New People’s Army (NPA). It was primarily because of the sudden death of the Bagobo Klata Tribe leader Datu Dominador Diarog and physical injuries of his family. 

It was April 2008 when unknown hitmen injured Diarog and his family—leading to his demise the next day. According to the NPA, he was involved after not being able to gain willingness to sell their lands. In fact, these lands in Tugbok were found on the top of the hill which KJC aims to transform it into a resort. With all these, Quiboloy declined the allegation by means of newspaper statements. 

2014 - Amidst the long break, Quiboloy and KJC became a pinpoint in land grabbing issues once again. This mainly involved their attempt of acquiring the familial lands of Lumad communities in Sitio Dolo and Barangay Manuel Guianga. The unexpected ingress of armed individuals ordered these Lumad families to depart from their homes—all boiling down to their heavy criticism of such coercion. 

Again, Quiboloy and KJC articulated that they were not involved in such land quarrels. 

2015 - Their involvement encompassed not only territorial disputes, but also political stances. It was then remembered that Quiboloy and President Rodrigo Duterte have been friends ever since. Considering this matter, he and some of his members rallied at the Quirino Grandstand way back in September 2015. This was in line with their aimed persuasion for Duterte to become a presidential aspirant. 

2016 - Quiboloy upheld his comrade loyalty and continued his support for Duterte. During the campaign period last 2016, he contributed his aircraft possessions, specifically private planes and helicopters. It was immensely evident that Duterte won the national presidential elections in the same year. Moreover, he rejected Quiboloy and his people’s assistance upon choosing his Cabinet members. Signaling a sudden shift, they were disheartened because of such refusal from the President. 

2018 - Another allegiance became prevalent when he was shortly jailed in Hawaii for his questionable attainment of weapon parts and a null three-hundred million and fifty thousand dollars in cash. Due to this alarming matter, it has driven the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to conduct prompt investigations of human trafficking on Quiboloy and KJC. 

2019 - Quiboloy constantly stood up to his belief that he is the ‘Appointed Son of God’, wherein he avowed that he ceased an upcoming earthquake in the Philippines. This contentious occurrence sparked a lot of people’s debates and opinions, most especially its emergence on social media. 

2021 - The year 2021 became sizzling times for their credibility, as it stemmed to numerous controversies. First in line would be the dispute involving Senator Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao–all rooted from wrongful claims. His objection made it to the Makati City Prosecutor’s Office because Quiboloy articulated that Pacquiao committed embezzlement of funds. 

The basis was the incomplete construction of Sarangani Sports Training Center.Through social media and television, such claims reached a wide range of audiences. Due to this, Pacquiao had a press conference to recuperate his innocence and to prove corruption in Duterte’s term. 

In the same year, Quiboloy and other KJC administrators were legally charged of sex trafficking because of allegiations from other countries. Aside from this, there was also a participation from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) when they released their ‘wanted poster’. 

It was paramountly because of their sex engagement with young and underage girls (as early as twelve years old) and their merciless menaces to them. They were known to utilize ‘eternal damnation’ or a lifetime curse if these girls would not be willing to offer their bodies. 

Reynita Fernandez from Singapore, Arlene Caminong Stone from Minnesota, and Faith Killion from Kentucky were some of the victims who mustered up courage in telling the truths behind KJC.