By Lance Arevada

In an episode of ANC's Headstart, hosted by journalist and anchor Karen Davila, Senator Imee Marcos joked that she thought that Davila will migrate if her brother, President-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr., wins the 2022 elections.

"Good morning Karen. It's nice to see you're still here in the Philippines. Akala ko mag-mimigrate ka 'pag nanalo ang Marcos!" the senator quipped.

Davila then replied: "Hoping always for the best for the country."

"Thank you very much! We need that, Uniteam," Marcos added.

This exchange has spread on social media, particularly among Marcos supporters, with spliced videos that did not include Davila's reply to Imee's joke.

Videos uploaded on Facebook and Youtube contained titles that described the exchange as if Davila was roasted or embarrassed by the President-elect's sister.

However, there is no categorical statement from Davila and any of her accounts stating that she will leave the country and migrate if, like Imee insinuated, a Marcos wins the 2022 elections.

In a Facebook post, the journalist set the record straight by emphasizing that she was not pissed by the senator's remark and she even received an apology from the senator after the show.

"Napikon po ba ako? Hindi po. Sen Imee Marcos also sent me an apology by text after the show. All good. Salamat!" Davila said. 

"In victory, resist the temptation to gloat. Graciousness is a class act," she added in another post.