By Daine Mariel Chua

PHOTO: Philippine Star/Rappler

As the Marcos family is set to return to Malacañang, Senator Imee Marcos stood up against accusations that their family plans to revise history, maintaining that they only sought to publicize their “side of the story."

In an ANC interview on Wednesday, June 1, the senator expressed her family's intention to tell the people what they know about the controversial regime of her father, late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

“I don’t think that’s our effort at all, we will not revise anything, all we will do is to also make known, make public what we know our side of the story,” she stressed.

Moreover, she defended her family from allegations of critics after the win of her brother, President-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr., in the 2022 polls. Marcos Jr.’s win brought back their family to government power after three decades.     

“We’ve been condemned, we've been vilified, we've been abused in so many cases, but in the end, the people have spoken,” Imee said in a CNN interview on May 25. She further builded up his family’s name claiming that they possess ‘strong leadership’ and ‘very clear purpose and nationhood’ after her brother’s victory.

After the Marcoses were ousted from Malacañang in 1986, the government through the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) and civil society groups continued to make the family pay for the human rights abuses and billions of ill-gotten wealth they amassed during Marcos Sr.'s rule.

As the family successfully returns to power once again, the late dictator's eldest daughter claimed they only want to convey their side of the story, aiding fears of critics in using their power to outrightly distort history.

In 2019, the senator also made the same claim wherein she pointed out the lack of accessibility to media as the reason for the inability to tell their side of the story.

She further reiterated that their family’s experiences on fear of traditional media, abuse, diatribe, and insults were the ones that hindered the capability to make known the side based on themselves.

“So di na, naging tameme na. We’ll just tell our side of the story the best we can,” she assured Filipinos.

Following her stand, she also answered issues using her viral “Len-Len” series uploaded on social media to avoid misinformation.

“I just couldn’t let it go. I would need to answer issues because a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth and that’s a dangerous proceeding,” she said. 

Edited by Nehmia Elyxa Relano