By Genevieve Candace R. Poquiz

In response to a report by South China Morning Post, Adamson University has released a statement condemning the scorn that Shaoyang College has brought upon its reputation after allegedly granting its staff a 28-month PhD or doctor of philosophy.

Photo Courtesy of CNN Philippines/Daily Tribune

The university decried the actions of Shaoyang College Head Peng Xilin after raising doubts on the quality of education among the public for spending over 180 million yuan or 27 million dollars on rehiring 22 teachers who received their education in Adamson which they claim to be “obscure.”

“The questionable practices and improprieties allegedly committed by the President of Shaoyang College do not reflect inadequacies in the credibility and legitimacy of Adamson University's educational programs nor do they signify Adamson University's involvement in any such malpractice or misconduct,” the university said.

It further emphasized on the lack of any “official linkage” with the Chinese college after Education Research Institute Xiong Bingqi revealed with SCMP that universities in China cultivate partnerships with foreign schools to cultivate “instant PhDs” for a stronger reputation.

“Internal dynamics in Shaoyang College administration and its constituency had, unfortunately, dragged the name of Adamson University in their domestic conflicts,” Adamson University stated.

The university clarified that they follow the set standards of the Commission on Higher Education in their graduate school programs and therefore consider it as “unacceptable” to have their integrity and reputation called into question.

“The PhD offerings of Adamson University strictly adheres to the policies, guidelines, and standards set by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), specifically, the minimum six terms of residency,” they further added.

With regards to the issue, CHED Chairperson Prospero de Vera III divulged that a team will look into reports related to Adamson University despite its autonomy due to the alarm that  “instant Ph.D.” presents in tainting the credibility of the country's higher education institutions.

"This report of an instant Ph.D. is very alarming and prejudicial to the international reputation of our Philippine HEIs. CHED will not condone any violation of existing laws and regulations, autonomous or not," De Vera responded in a Viber message with the Philippine News Agency.

Adamson University, on the other hand, also expressed their plans to safeguard its reputation while considering legal actions.

Edited by Khezyll Galvan