By Bea Santina Maranan and Danielle Ellyma Bayani

PHOTO: Property Asia

Clear morning dew joined by warm air, summer is in the air. You can’t help but drop, stop and roll with the burning heat.

‘It’s time to hit the beach and beat the summer heat.’

Vacation getaways are left and right to let off some steam. But most public beaches are frequently crowded and polluted, which increases stress and leaves less space to sit back and relax.

Here are six hidden summer travel destinations to visit within the 7,641 islands of the Philippines for your secret getaway.


1. Anguib beach

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You can't help but leave everything and take a dip in Santa Ana, Cagayan's Anguib Beach. Anguib is known for its powdery white beach and chilly blue sea. The “Northern Paradise,” as some would say. The waters are serene and radiate peace like no other, making it ideal as an escape from the busy city and perfect for relaxation. 

2. Kanaway beach, Jomalig Island

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The tale behind Jomalig Island in Quezon Province is merely an act of genuine love, adoration, and beauty. Its name is derived from the Visayan word "to kiss." With its romantic history, golden sand, and amazing view, it is ideal for a romantic vacation trip with your lover. So make sure to save them a seat at every table with a breathtaking view of the rippled beach.


Visayas is known for its multiple travel destinations. But did you know any of these? 

1. Gigantes Island, Iloilo 


Did you use to believe that giants were living on earth years ago? Ever been a fan of Goliath? Gigantes Island from Iloilo city got its name from the giant-like bones found on the island inside the Bakwitan cave! Perhaps giants used to stay here! The porcelain-shining water welcomes you with the white sand, ready to embrace your megalophobia (fear of giant things!)

2. Ariel’s Point, Aklan

PHOTO: Tourist Spots Finder

Visit one of Boracay’s boat-distance points: Ariel’s Point! If you’re up for eco-adventure destinations, Ariel’s Point has a lot to offer, like cliff-diving places (up to 3-15 meters!) and areas to snorkel, dive, and swim!


1. Paliton Beach, Siquijor 

PHOTO: Flickr

Far from the busy city and ideal for lazing on the sandy shore and watching the sunset while sipping fresh coconut juice, Mindanao's Paliton Beach is referred to as the "Mini Boracay of Siquijor." Renowned for its clear waters, glistering white sand, and tall coconut trees that give summer escapade vibes.

2. Asik-asik Falls, North Cotabato


Feeling the rush of the waterfalls scraping almost off your skin is one of the best feelings ever. Asik-asik Falls is located in North Cotabato and what makes it unique is the walls you can climb to; 376 stone steps. Once you reach the top, it’s totally worth it! 

Summer will fly quickly, especially if we enjoy every minute of it! Enjoy the vastness of the country’s most precious gems while they’re here. Always remember to maintain safety protocols while doing so!  

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