By Sandra Cabangon

Two members from Explained PH that are from Philippine Science High School Western Visayas campus and one from Iloilo City National High School were awarded as part of the top 22 awardees of The Outstanding Students of Iloilo Awards (TOSIA) 2022 on July 10.

Photo Courtesy of The Outstanding Students of Iloilo Awards (TOSIA)

Explained PH Science and Technology Editor Carlos Manuel Eusoya and staffers Earl Jan Delfin and Ellen Faye Yabut bagged the annual award that is given to junior high school and college students that excel in the four pillars of TOSIA — excellence, leadership, faith, and community involvement.

This has been a flagship program of JCI Regatta, in partnership with the Department of Education - Schools Division of Iloilo & Iloilo City and the Commission of Higher Education Region VI.

“Being qualified for TOSIA is a testament to the efforts that I have given, not only to academics, but also to my service to my community and to my personal journey to champion my advocacy in education and youth empowerment,” Eusoya said.

Eusoya, who advocates for education, also received special awards, such as TOSIA Writer, TOSIA Scholar, and TOSIA Top Circle, the latter of which is the most prestigious award given.

“Being recognized as one of Iloilo’s Outstanding Students is a rewarding experience for me because I worked hard to achieve this. This proves to me that dreams do come true, and it reminds me to never give up [on the] things you wanted to achieve,” Delfin expressed, after also receiving the. Best Advocacy Video Award.

While for Yabut, her award and inclusion to TOSIA’s Top Circle are testaments that of her preparedness of continuing to empower her fellow youth.

“I think that the award was given to me because the judges have seen that I am ready to lead and serve as a positive inspiration to other people. This award means that I have conquered the challenges of time and am now ready to move forward and empower my fellow youth from different walks of life,” Yabut said.

Furthermore, the awardees noted that receiving the TOSIA award marks a milestone in their life and taught them many things.

“This [my TOSIA journey] taught me to commit to achieving your goals, do not be effortless, for it is a myth, so pour your heart and soul into everything you do, and you will experience the joy and fulfillment that comes along with discovering your life's purpose. Build your life around your aspirations; they will ultimately shape who you are. Most importantly, I've learned that, allow your goals to define you and propel you to tremendous success in life,” Delfin said.

“In the whole span of the event, we were continuously asked and reminded of our advocacies. I, for one, fight for inclusive and equitable education for all. I hope and pray that one day, everyone of us will realize our purpose and fulfill them to be the change we want in this world,” Yabat stated.

“The TOSIA milestone was not an easy or quick journey. May this award serve as an inspiration for my fellow youth - in Iloilo and beyond - to always pursue excellence and service in all of our endeavors," said Eusoya.

Attorney Jose Manuel “Chel” Diokno was the keynote speaker at the ceremony, which was held on July 10, 2022 at Robinsons Place Iloilo Fountain Area.

Edited by Annika Gorgeana Maningo