Angeline Ashlee Marquez

"She is a siren of death, disturbingly beautiful and heartbreakingly deadly." - Ilse V. Rensburg.

Photo by Studio Heartbreak

Studio Heartbreak, an independent animation company, releases its first trailer for its debut animated film, The Lovers. The animated film is set in the Philippines and embarks on a story of a seafood chef and a siren. 

In the trailer, it shares that on one faithful event, as part of the governor's dinner, they plan to have a certain mystical creature, known as the Sirena to be served on a silver platter. The protagonist, Sara Lim Baylon, is caught in a dangerous situation whilst having her eyes averted to the said creature of the deep sea.

Starring Vanille Velasquez and Dawn M. Bennett as Sara and the Sirena. Their voice actors are best known for showcasing their talents on Valorant, League of Legends, and Fire Emblem respectively. 

The film explores several themes which dwell on the complexities of repression, love, generational trauma, body horror, and the intricacies of desire and identity. Their main goal here is to show the different perspectives of love and how its narrative can make a story in its unique way while creating more LGBTQ-related art.

Kickstarter also lets fans take a pledge for the film and its merchandise, helping the animators fund the much-awaited film as well as have certain early sneak peek updates and souvenirs.