Dive deep into Gen Z marketing! 

Uncover the secrets of captivating content and stirring reactions to every junior marketer with "IYKYK: The Next Level of Gen Z Marketing Strategy (IYKYK 2023)" on July 16, 2023, from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Tune in to the live stream on VIV1D Facebook Page

This online seminar is aimed at equipping students who aspire to enter the storytelling career field in Marketing with the necessary skills and knowledge. It will tackle how modern brands leverage their platforms to establish and maintain customer relationships using Humor Marketing and Interactive Marketing techniques. Humor marketing, sometimes referred to as funny advertising or comic advertising, is a marketing tactic that uses jokes, puns, comedic scenarios, and witty wordplay to elicit a favorable emotional reaction and establish a lasting bond between the company and the customer. In contrast, interactive marketing places a strong emphasis on integrating the target audience in a two-way communication process and keeping them interested. Consumers will be able to actively engage in, contribute to, and impact the marketing campaign or brand message thanks to this dynamic and interactive experience. 

The goal of the online seminar, which focuses on these two particular facets of marketing, is to provide prospective marketing professionals the knowledge and abilities they need to successfully negotiate the dynamic world of marketing narrative. Students' ability to successfully integrate humor and interaction into captivating and engaging brand experiences will be aided by the information they receive from this session, which will eventually help them succeed in the marketing sector of storytelling.

IYKYK 2023 will benefit the entire junior business community as it opens doors to unleash their talents in creative storytelling–establishing a meaningful brand-customer relationship. 

This is open to all aspiring business professionals. If interested, take marketing skills to the next level! Secure your spot by registering at https://tinyurl.com/IYKYK-2023 until July 13, 2023 only!

For any questions, concerns, or suggestions, you may contact Ms. Mendrianne Listangco at (09) 163 840 279 or [email protected].