By Lhowrence Barros Asis

Are you a fan of editing your pictures so that they can look amazing online? Well, the new generative AI feature of Adobe Photoshop, which has recently caused a buzz on social media, might be the next big thing for you.

Photo Courtesy to Ray Ambler (Facebook)/Adobe

Photoshop is a digital photo-editing application, which most graphic designers are accustomed to. This handy application has recently released its new “Generative AI (artificial intelligence) tool” with reportedly new features that include a few amazingly bizarre capabilities: 

  • Changing your clothes in photos
  • Extending and upscaling images to provide better backgrounds
  • Crowd cleanups
  • Seamlessly adding new figures. 

All of these were made possible with the help of AI!

Through this tool, users and photo editors can now add or remove elements to enhance their photos. And although photo editing has long been done before, with the presence of AI, tech experts and graphic designers believe that the process will be more efficient and convenient.

Recently, content creator Ray Ambler shared his sample photo edits using Adobe's generative AI tool to show netizens the power of this new “product of technology.” “These [photo edits] were all possible to do for anyone who knows how to use Photoshop even before AI. AI just made it faster and easier a hundred times,” Ambler explained in his Facebook post. 

However, he warned the public of the possible “misuse” of these AI tools. “The unfortunate truth about this is that there’s often a downside to every positive innovation,” Ambler added in his caption. A few of these concerns include the emergence of deep-fake multimedia content or heavy reliance on artificially-altered images that blur the line between reality and fiction.

Indeed, as more and more people are becoming fond of editing their photos to make them look more appealing online, the emergence of these AI generative tools and digital features alike have become both a blessing and a curse. Now, it is up to us, the users, to use these new powers responsibly or take advantage of them in misplaced manners. We can either use AI to complement reality or irreparably erase its existence.