The 1Ngenious Production, the BSBA MM 4-1N students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines eagerly anticipate their virtual academic event entitled, “HYBRID: The Emergence of Innovation through Fusion,” which aims to enlighten students about Personal and Business Hybridization, giving them a detailed view on the importance of pursuing innovation to oneself and to an organization through the lens of marketing. This academic event provides an opportunity for students to showcase their knowledge and expertise in the field of marketing. Achieving personal growth and setting oneself apart from others become essential in such a demanding environment. By sharing personal experiences of growth and emphasizing the importance of individual development, one can empower the target market to meet the high expectations of a competitive society.

The project proponents of this event are the Executive Board and Directors of 1Ngenious Production, spearheaded by Anthony Kevin C. Ramos, RMP, Vice President for Marketing as the Project Chairman and Crissa Mae Secuya, Vice President for External Affairs as the Project Vice Chairman.

The highlights of this academic event are as follows:

  • Talk on Personal and Business Innovation through Fusion of Traditional and Digital Perspective.
  • Be Hybrid and Mix & Match Pre-event Competitions
  • Partnership with other Courses in PUP Manila and other Colleges/ Universities
  • Partnership with well known Brands

Astonishing performances from some of the rising stars in the music industry such as:

  • Rachelle Laylo
  • Riscain
  • Black Rose
  • Eraija

The program will be held on July 2, 2023 (Sunday) from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM via livestream on the 1Ngenious Production’s Facebook Page.

By highlighting the need for continuous improvement and embracing differentiation, individuals can navigate through rigorous competition and thrive in their pursuits. Through these efforts, individuals can rise to the challenges posed by society, making a positive impact and reaching their full potential.

HYBRID: The Emergence of Innovation Through Fusion is open for all marketing/business Students and Practitioners either from PUP Manila or even interested participants outside the University. To register on the event, simply click the following links for registration:

  • For PUPians:

  • For Non-PUPians:

Prepare to embark on a journey of enlightenment and inspiration, as we gather to shed light on how pursuing innovation within oneself and within an organization is crucial, particularly when viewed through the perspective of marketing. Looking forward to your presence at this remarkable event, where dreams are realized, accomplishments are honored, and the future is shaped. See you there!

For inquiries, you may contact the Project Chairman, Mr. Anthony Kevin C. Ramos, at 09702425565 or email at [email protected].