Get your passports ready and embark on an exciting journey with Chill Ikot 2023, now ready for boarding this coming September 4! The University of the Philippines Engineering Radio Guild brings an island-paradise-themed welcoming event for electrical, electronics, and computer engineering freshies, shiftees, and transferees. This includes webinars, review programs, and games that will help them as they cross a new horizon into their life in UP and EEE. And that's not all – the physical campus tour is also making its return, promising an adventure like never before!

Prepare to defy inertia and soar to new heights of knowledge with a refresher of different physics concepts on the first day of the event. Follow it up the next day by surpassing your limits with a review on the concepts of mathematics. Dive deep into the rabbit hole of algorithms and crack the code to an infinite loop of problems on programming day. Then on circuits day, further establish your connection with EEEI with an electrifying refresher about circuits concepts and basics. Lastly, take your passport and get ready to explore the campus with the physical tour. See you from September 4-9 and together let’s ikot and chill!

About UP ERG: The University of the Philippines Engineering Radio Guild or UP ERG is an organization based in the UP Diliman Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute. Founded in 1935, UP ERG has hosted several academic and non-academic events such as Dagitab, SYNERGY, ERG Cup and Chill Ikot while also serving as an avenue for EEEI students to come together and share their experiences and talents.

Kristine Angel Arbollente
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Clarisse Jamie Hill
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