Angeline Ashlee Marquez

As the Christmas season rolls around, many of us are happily preparing the decorations to be set around the house, buying gifts for our loved ones– all the while preparing what meals to have for the holidays. But what about the desserts? There are plenty of desserts to choose from for this holiday season, but in this article, we’d like to share with you our top 5 Christmas desserts to anticipate and indulge into while celebrating with your loved ones!


A dessert made out of rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, eggs, and baking powder; this dessert is usually the most eagerly awaited by Filipinos all around during the Christmas season. This sweet dish is usually served hot and on a banana leaf while having shredded cheese on top of the savory dessert.

This rice cake is usually only available during the Christmas season, sold by vendors outside of churches. So go ahead and grab some, while listening to Ben&Ben’s song “Bibingka” for the holiday spirits!

Puto Bumbong

Originating back from the Spanish Reign, the steamed purple dessert is another sweet that Filipinos wait for during the holiday season! It's name was derived from the word “puto”, defined as a steamed glutinous rice, and “bumbong”, which means bamboo tube.

This is usually bought after "Simbang Gabi'', being freshly made by vendors. Similar to Bibingka, its main ingredient is white rice flour, alongside purple dyed rice flour, brown sugar, grated coconut, butter and cups of water steamed, whilst using bamboo tubes to shape the purple-like dessert.

Leche Flan

Taking a pause from rice desserts, best look forward to this sweet caramel custard, Leche Flan! It originated from the country of love, Paris but Spain and Philippines later on adapted this dessert into their culture as well.

The creamy dessert has been experimented over the years– from creating it traditionally using evaporated milk, egg yolk and keylime skin to now using egg whites, gelatine and condensed milk. This dish has been consistent with its sugary taste over the years, it's no wonder why families bring this dish to their tables!

Mango Graham

A dessert made out of crackers? Count us in as Mango Graham isn't just your ordinary biscuit dessert there is! This sweet treat is made out of graham crackers, mangoes, condensed milk and all purpose cream. It's known to be full of layers of sweets and mango, while earning its reputation as a no-bake and easy frozen recipe that can be made even in our own households!

Cassava Cake

The last in our list is a cake made out of Grated Cassava (Kamoteng Kahoy)! This tasty dessert was first introduced in the Philippines during the 16th Century, with its name and the start of various recipes being remembered through the times up until the present. It usually contains evaporated milk, sugar and some extra toppings to be served with it! The toppings vary from cheese, custard and even nuts depending on the connoisseur's choice!

While we have dropped our Top 5 Christmas desserts, we know how each and everyone of us has a Christmas dessert we all love with all our hearts content. Whether those desserts are not your typical sweets seen in a holiday fashion, some of us see those desserts as a need for our Christmas to be a happy and memorable one.

These desserts we mentioned are what we would usually expect during the holidays, yet whatever treat there is out there, can still be considered as a Christmas dessert! As long as it makes you feel the holi-jolly X-mas spirit, who's to say it isn’t one?

So, grab your favorite sweets and celebrate with your loved ones this Christmas with a smile. Eat as much as you like, feel the Christmas spirit around you and your savory desserts and make wonderful memories with the people you love! Merry Christmas everyone!