Sean Aquino Avila and Julia Ysabelle Ramos

Creative soldiers BAPR PLA2N have officially cracked the code! The Ad Congress welcomed its 20th edition with “The Conscience Code: Unravelling the Path Toward Responsible Influencer Marketing” last February 13 at the Claro M. Recto Hall, PUP Manila.

Viewers were in for a meaningful discussion from industry experts on the technicalities and ethics of influencer marketing. The event delved into topics defining the boundaries of key opinion leaders and modern practices in the field of advertising and public relations.

Beyond the allure of likes and followers, influencers are now poised to embrace much bigger roles as the digital ecosystem continues to evolve. “The Conscience Code” aimed to act as a guide, illuminating the path toward a more conscientious era of digital marketing.

At 10 AM, after the welcoming remarks and host introductions, the seminar began with a humorous and introspective talk delivered by certified social media superstar Mark "Macoy Dubs" Averilla. Macoy discussed influencer marketing from a content creator's perspective— from how the uprising of influencers affected marketing tactics to the “do”s and “don't”s of being a responsible creator.

The educational topic of legalities was then tackled by Ad Standards Council's compliance manager and officer for privacy Erwin Furagganan, as he went in depth to explain the importance of aligning with policies and processes. He discussed what goes on behind the scenes between brands or companies and their prospective influencers as partnerships form.

The significance of planning ahead and being sincere were some of the key points for Gerald Lim, Head of Account Management at MullenLowe TREYNA, who gave his explanatory talk on avoiding and handling PR crises before, after, and as they arise. This includes possible causes, spotting a crisis about to happen, and the value of authenticity and sticking to one’s branding.

All three speakers proceeded to expand on their thoughts during the event’s roundtable discussion. This allowed audiences to connect with speakers as they engaged in a question and answer to address additional points on accountability, first courses of action during an unethical moment, sponsored content, and opposing opinions.

BAPR PLA2N wraps up their last event as a section on a positive note! As the first of the five seminars, the organizing team was ecstatic to send audiences on their way with a good start to the three-day series bringing newfound knowledge and a better grasp of influencer marketing moving forward.

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