Precious Mary Kyla Edquilane

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme; get on up, it’s Bob Marley time!

ONE LOVE’s movie poster is now revealed! The cinematic journey into the life and music of the globe’s iconic reggae legend is set to hit the big screens this year in Philippine cinemas!

This biographical drama film illuminates the life of Bob Marley, a late Jamaican singer-songwriter who is widely recognized as a Reggae pioneer. Bob’s influential work was driven by his passion-turned-mission to depict a world united in love, peace, and freedom—a stark contrast to the expropriated life he had.

Yet, behind his beaming musical reputation, Bob’s introduction of Jamaican music to the world made a greater impact in expanding his people’s spirituality as a fervid proponent of the Rastafari religion.

What a perfect time to have it here—as this film testifies to the power of resilience that resonates deeply with Filipinos who often have gone through adversities in the face of injustice and fear. ONE LOVE is more than just a film, it’s a revolutionary tale. It’s a tribute to the power of music and the enduring spirit of one man who, armed with his words and his guitar, changed the world.

Together, let’s revel the life and legacy of a man who taught the world to “overcome the devils with a thing called love.”