Amer Hussien Mangray & Danielle Ellyma Bayani

April is the month wherein the humidity outside is unbelievably unbearable.  People are bearing through the scorching sun to get by through life every single day. However, April is not all that sticky and searing. It is also when flowers bloom as their fragrance and petals go with the wind, and as well as Explained PH’s birth month.

Explained PH emerged as a hobby organization mostly composed of campus journalists from different parts of the country. However, as time flew by, society is becoming more and more lenient when absorbing information from different platforms and simple hearsay from neighbors and strangers. It serves as a glimmer of integrity in an era swarming with disinformation. Since its beginning, it has resolutely upheld the principles of accuracy, transparency, and accountability, becoming synonymous with credible reporting and insightful analysis. As we delve into the narrative of Explained PH, we uncover a legacy built upon a commitment to excellence and a passion for uncovering the truth.

“Explained PH was born from the vision of our Editor-in-Chief, Archie Bergosa, during his return journey from the National Schools Press Conference in 2020. Envisioning a media outlet led by campus journalists,” Prences Albis, ExplainED’s Managing Editor, shared  during the interview. Additionally, she mentioned that the primary goal during the organization’s inaugural year was to champion press freedom by “nurturing the truest essence of campus journalism among young minds.”

“We wanted to build a community where facts can thrive for advocacies to also thrive. Because without organizations fighting for the truth, all advocacies will succumb with the information crisis,” Archie Bergosa, Explained PH’s Editor-in-Chief expounded.

While April may not hold significance as the birth month of the organization, it serves as a fitting backdrop to reflect on its journey of growth and impact. In this month of new beginnings, as flowers and trees begin to bloom, we pause to look back to the core of Explained PH - its values, nature, and enduring contribution to the field of journalism as campus journalists. From its humble beginnings to its present stature, Explained PH embodies the spirit of innovation and dedication that characterizes the best of media endeavors.

In this modern age of technology where disinformation is rampant, Explained PH stands as a bastion of truth and integrity — a beacon of hope for those who are blinded by lies. Through fact-checking, in-depth investigation with the heart to serve, its mighty sword stands firm in its pursuit of accuracy. As Explained PH celebrates another year, we ignite the fire to continually uphold the highest standards of journalistic ethics and serve as vanguards of truth in an ever-changing world.

Because Explained PH’s heart to serve, it has become a platform for campus journalists to connect, learn from one another, and participate in shaping the next generation. In commemorating this anniversary, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the community of supporters, contributors, and readers whose involvement has been instrumental in the achievements and influence of Explained PH.

“Small campus newsrooms to the world. We managed to inspire a movement of campus journalists ready to go beyond the competition. Narecognize tayo ng mga ibang media organizations, schools, and institutions — they are partnering with us. The recognition [we get] with other media organizations and agencies sharing the same practice with us is also one of our achievements,” Bergosa said.

“Our international participation [is one of our achievements], it underscores our global relevance and contribution to the journalism community,” Albis added.

Bergosa, though, emphasized that the biggest achievement on top of everything mentioned is that Explained PH has a significant influence in inspiring people to believe in the organization’s advocacies and the projects it has undertaken, and to “harness them to the real world to stand for the truth and what they believe in to use their skills to further improve their society and the lives of the people.”

Additionally, according to Albis, in its fourth year, Explained PH looks forward to the expansion and will continue to empower small campus newsrooms to amplify their voices within their communities, fostering a network of informed, and engaged youth journalists.

“We want to make quality journalism training accessible and we want them to share the same beliefs and inspiration and motivation with the work that we’re doing,” Bergosa shared.

Explained PH’s dedication to truth-telling truly defined its success as an esteemed organization led by youth.

May it persist and continue to motivate and inform, challenge and arouse curiosities among individuals, and serve as a beacon of journalistic excellence for generations of campus journalists to come. Kudos to Explained PH – may its gleam keep on illuminating the avenue towards a more informed and engaged society.

As we reflect on our journey as a youth-led organization thus far, we acknowledge the significance of fostering communities where facts can thrive. From the start, our mission has been crystal clear: to build communities where facts can thrive and last.

Amidst a society where the proliferation of lies became rampant, indeed there is a need to build communities where facts can thrive.