Manila, Philippines – Dive into the intricate world of consumer behavior and marketing ethics at the highly anticipated seminar, "Inside Out: Decoding Consumer Psychology and Marketing Ethics." This event promises to be an enlightening journey for marketing professionals and students alike. Scheduled for June 29, 2024 (Saturday) from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the PUP Theater and streamed live via the 1Nnovision Production Official Facebook page, the event will delve into the "Deserve ko ‘to" trend, exploring its influence on consumer psychology and purchasing behaviors, and offering strategies to engage key consumer segments effectively.

This seminar is more than just an exploration of consumer trends, it is a comprehensive guide to understanding the emotional triggers behind buying decisions. Attendees will gain insights into the psychology of entitlement, self-esteem, and gratification, learning how these factors drive consumer behavior. The event will also examine the ethical implications of marketing strategies based on the "Deserve ko ‘to" mindset, addressing critical issues such as overconsumption and financial well-being. Through discussions and case studies, participants will discover how successful brands navigate these complexities, balancing profit motives with responsible marketing practices that prioritize consumer welfare.

By bringing together students and professionals in this hybrid event, "Inside Out" aims to create a collaborative environment for learning and growth in the marketing industry. Participants will leave with actionable strategies and a deeper understanding of how to resonate with consumers seeking self-indulgence and reward, all while maintaining ethical standards. This seminar not only empowers future marketing professionals with the tools needed to adapt to changing consumer expectations but also fosters a community dedicated to innovative and ethical marketing practices. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with industry experts and fellow marketing enthusiasts at one of the most insightful events of the year.

For more information and to register, visit our official event page or contact Ms. Darylle Rose Colon at (0906) 003 1226.