Juan Carlo R. Mercado

Vengeance served!

Spaniard Francisco Sanchez Ruiz relied on his strategic making and precise aims to eke out a retaliating 8-5 triumph over the Filipino James Aranas in the opening round of the 2024 World Pool Masters in Hildesheim, Germany, on April 27.

Photo Courtesy of Absolute Pool

Ruiz showcased his impeccable strategies, especially when he knew he could not get a good look at the pot, leaving Aranas to take risky shots and fall into the Spaniard's hands.

Aranas got off to a great start in the opening and the second rack but with revenge in Ruiz’s mind after falling into the hands of Aranas last year, the Spaniard didn't let it happen again and surpassed the Filipino cue artist with his five-rack stint, 5-2.

Ruiz escaped from the struggles of potting the rack-clinching ball in the fifth rack as he took advantage of Aranas' risky foul shot and sank the solid blue.

The Spaniard then pulled away in the sixth rack with a strategic approach over his foe, placing the ball in a tough-angled position for Aranas, while denying the latter to pot in at least a ball in the seventh rack.

In the eighth rack, Ruiz had a great start until he failed to pot in the 8th ball, allowing Aranas to clinch that rack and rally from a 5-2 deficit to five racks apiece.

In the last racks, Ruiz wanted none of Aranas' comeback plan, disrupting the opponent's rhythm and creating his own to finally win the game, 8-5.