By Rjay Z. Castor, Gwyneth Morales, Archie Villaflores, and Jennylou Canon

A father who hanged two children to death, surrendered to authorities (PHOTO: Daily Tribune)

"Hindi nag-suicide ang kapatid ko."

After a father in Taguig City surrendered to the police for allegedly killing his two children, a certain Facebook user, claiming to be a relative of the suspect's wife, has accused him of murdering his own wife prior to the incident.

According to the initial investigation, Aiko Sia Cunco became depressed after his wife, Karina Galache-Sia Cunco — who provided their family's main source of income — allegedly committed suicide last Thursday.

Distraught by the situation, he started worrying on how to raise his children after the pandemic left him jobless.

On Christmas Day, he allegedly hanged his 1-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter to death and attempted to do so but he survived.

The suspect admitted that he and his wife have been quarreling because he could not find a job due to current health crisis.

However, in an exclusive interview with Explained PH, the sibling of the suspect's wife Ma. Socorro Galache-Priela claimed that her sister Karina did not commit suicide at all and has alleged foul play.

Based on Aiko's alibi, he was bathing his child when he suddenly heard a loud scream outside. However, Galache-Priela rebutted his defense and questioned the wife's suicide note.

"Hindi niya sulat kamay 'to... In minutes agad agad nakapagtali at nagbigti at sinakal ni ate sarili niya. Ano 'yan fast forward? Kalokohan mo!" she refuted.

"Sino ba magpapakamatay na nakaupo at karga ang bata sa tanghaling tapat?" she added.

The relative also showed screenshots of conversations wherein the wife's co-workers claimed Karina told them that she was being abused by her husband.

Her co-workers was also doubtful of Karina's scars in her hand, saying that those were not present in their last meet.

"Okay na okay po siya, wala siyang sugat kahapon nung nagkita kami nung umuwi siya," a co-worker defended.

The relative also revealed the last message of Karina, one hour before her alleged suicide, which stated, "Merry Christmas all. May asawa at mga anak nako wag nyo ako liligawan." According to her, the wife was not showing any reasons why she would kill herself.

When asked who killed the two children, Socorro claimed, "Umamin yung g*go," pertaining to the father.

She also wanted to give the children to her cousin after the mother's alleged suicide, but Aiko insisted on keeping the two since he was their father.

Karina's body was found at 5:00 PM, which was discovered by her mother-in-law.

Meanwhile, the suspect is now under police custody and is facing charges for parricide. He has yet to comment on the accusations of his wife's sibling.