By Gianela Zapata and Rinoa Kate dela Cruz

PHOTO: Ben&Ben Youtube

"Akala niyo ba, ang kapangyarihan ay nasa inyo? Sino ba kayo?"

Ben&Ben just released the official lyric video of 'Kapangyarihan' in collaboration with Pinoy-pop group SB19 last night. 

This song is included in their sophomore album “Pebble House, Vol. 1: Kuwaderno” and netizens are loving this powerful call for justice and freedom. 

The song was first introduced to the masses as a sign of protest by the twin-vocalists, Paolo Benjamin Guico and Miguel Benjamin Guico amidst the police brutality and the incompetence of the Philippine Government. 

More so, it looks at the concept of power from two different parties: power held by those in a political position, and the power people can create by fighting for what is right. The latter being a huge message of empowerment for all Filipinos. 

An anthem, a call for action, and an eye opener. After a few hours of release, "Kapangyarihan" already earned positive reviews from netizens.

Someone labelled the song as the nation's official #Eleksyon2022 anthem for its strong yet truthful words. 

There are also individuals who applaud their courage and creativity to talk about the current issues when it comes to the country and its political status. 

The Inspiration

Back in December last year, the band added the hashtags #StopTheKillingsPH, #JusticeForGregorioFamily, and #EndPoliceBrutalityNow which served as an online movement in relation to the unfortunate event of Sonya Gregorio and her son, Frank Anthony who was killed by ex-Police Senior Master Sgt. Jonel Nuezca. 

"We must hold the leadership that encourages this culture of impunity, abuse and oppression accountable. Because each life lost to police officers like Jonel Nuezca, adds to the continuous creeping darkness that we must swiftly break," the band stated referring to the said issue. 

The synergy between Ben&Ben and SB19 is undeniable. The composition is unique, raw, and beautifully crafted while the songwriting is truly a masterpiece. The blend of their indie-folk and Pinoy-pop styles come together for a powerhouse song with a message that is both timely and timeless as seen from their lyrics. 

“Nadidinig n’yo pa ba ‘ko? Pangako'y napako dahil sa korona sa ulo niyo”

People found it relatable because of its dual symbolism. It asks if the people’s concerns are still being heard even with various attempts to silence them. 

Moreover, the song mainly describes how one’s dreams were nailed down and killed because of abuse of power. Furthermore, it can also pertain to the lackluster response to the coronavirus. Those who lead are not supposed to be royals nor kings, but public servants who improve and benefit our lives as Filipinos.

"Ba't sinaulo't 'di sinapuso bilang ng buhay ng tao."

This speaks to officials such as Nuezca who use their power to silence an innocent individual and other victims of police brutality. This also talks about the thousands of lives taken by various issues in the nation such as the inefficient COVID-19 response, poverty, corruption, and war on drugs. These people are more than just numbers and statistics.  

"Huwag niyong tapakan ang katarungan"

This line pertains to those who turn a blind eye to justice, ignore these unjust systems, and allow events like these to happen. The oppressed, abused, and wrongfully targeted should be helped, not stepped on. 

The power of the people is greater than the people in power. Kapangyarihan shows us that Filipinos are worth fighting for. 

Even though the song is political, it does not pertain to any political party or color nor does it attack them. Rather, it calls for all ranks and any forms of government to be genuine in service and one against bad governance. It’s about Filipinos yearning for what they deserve, no matter who is in position. 

What Ben&Ben have created is an art reflection of not only the nation’s suffering, but the fighting spirit each one of us holds. As long as we use our power to inspire positive change, the truth will always prevail.

Listen Kapangyarihan song here: