Unlike Philippines, Singapore prioritizes healthcare workers in COVID-19 vaccine rollout

 By Elyjah Rosales


As the Philippines started vaccination not following their “priority list,” neighbor country Singapore began their Pfizer-BioNTech prompt today on healthcare workers first.

The 46-year-old nurse served as the first-ever recipient of such in the whole Asia following their country’s quick response.

"I feel very grateful and thankful for being the first to be vaccinated in Singapore," told National Center for Infectious Diseases senior staff nurse Sarah Lim.

The country also seeks to acquire enough doses for its 5.7 million people during the third quarter of 2021.

It is remembered that Singapore is also the first country to approve Pfizer among all testing sites.

Meanwhile, Filipino "priority" frontliners and senior citizens have to lash out the officials before explaining why the "list" turned "jumbled."

“Dapat lang na priority ang mga health workers at mga nurses kasi kami ang naka-expose sa matinding risk, nakataya ‘yung buhay namin, kami ang nakaharap sa mga pasyente 24/7,” Filipino Nurses United's Jocelyn Andamo stated.

A senior shared the same sentiment while also calling onto their need especially as they are "madaling kapitan."

These came after President Rodrigo Duterte confessed the military's early-mmunization on the Presidential Security Group (PSG) and some soldier.



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